new TomTom 920T owner in Houston

Nov 21, 2007
Hello Everyone,
Just got my first TomTom PND (have been an avid PDA user before - Tomtom navigator 5 and 6).

Live in Houston and have been submitting Mapshare updates. Hope they make a difference :)

Overall impressions of the 920T: very happy with the device

- version 7 is nice
- love MapShare
- good MP3 player
- FM transmitter is pretty good, though I tend to use line out
- TMC receiver is nice!

- many things need to be updated. For instance you cannot use the BT remote to get to a screen from where it would read the traffic aloud to you (you have to press the traffic green icon by hand to get to that menu)
- also cannot use the remote to initiate the quick menu
- handsfree calling does not happen on lineout or FMradio or BT out (internal speaker only)

i am guessing these are s/w hitches which will get fixed soon!
I am excited about it :)
Welcome to the forum

I agree with the gripes you have with the 920. I hope the handsfree over the line out is addressed in future upgrades...we can only hope ;)

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