tomtom go 920t map failure

May 31, 2009
got a go 920t when i updated it could show the guam mapping no problem but the uk\europe and the usa mapping would not work tomtom help have been asked on 7 different occasions (7 seperate fault numbers) they just wait to the time limit has elapsed and post thet the problem is resolved any help would be appreciated


What application version do you currently have?

Follow this post and use the "on the device" method.


For those maps, you need application 8.300 or later. Click the satellite bars on the main screen.

What application version is showing in the lower-right button?


That application version should be able to read any legitimate Tomtom map versions.

Was the device purchased second hand / from ebay? If so, the maps could be pirated, the latest Tomtom apps recognize and disable pirated maps.

Otherwise, you must have purchased the map (version 815 was not shipped on the 920). If so, then see if you have a copy of it on:
My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map

If so, you can reinstall the maps by going to "Add maps" in Tomtom HOME and adding the maps back on.

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