New hardware, ever less features?

Apr 29, 2007
I am a very satisfied user of older TomTom hardware. We use two ONEs for our cars and motorcycle, and an XL for trips in Europe.

On the ONE, we make use of the itinerary feature (with Tyre) all the time, especially on the bike. I see that this feature has now been removed from just about every new model? I used to recommend TomTom to fellow motorcyclists, but with the new, stripped down feature list that's no longer possible.

I am just baffled that TomTom thinks that deleting features (even if used only by a fraction of their customers) is the way to go when competing against Garmin and other GPS makers (and smartphones).

I guess I'll buy older models on Craigslist for as long as I can. After that, smartphones are hopefully at the level where I can do itinerary planning on them.

Thanks for listening. Rant off.
KKop -

We see comments very similar to this all the time here, but your response to TomTom's product line is SO classic that I've forwarded it to a personal contact at TomTom in the Netherlands. It re-emphasizes perfectly some recent communications with them that we can only hope they take to heart.

Like you, we feel that with these newer devices, TomTom is forcing many users that or wish to or must replace their units into some serious decisions about brand and platform. That didn't used to be the case.

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