navcore and maps query

Apr 15, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom go 4v00.710
ive a tomtom go with 4V00.710 shown on the bottom, it has an sd card slot.

Could someone please advise what is the latest core and europe maps for this, and if there is any installation guides anywhere, i picked this up at a fair, and would like to use it. Seems to power up okay,


Back before you needed a magic decoder ring to figure it out, you could tell from that number.

In this case, it will be an old model GO710.

To the OP .. latest maps are 885. What does it have on it now?
As for the latest application, I think that one is stuck at 7.903.
I don't think that model has any 'internal' memory -- so without the SD card, you are missing the key piece -- the map.
.. and the operating system software too!

Canderson is right... there's no internal memory on those models... EVERYTHING was on the SD card.

If you have, or can buy, a new blank SD card (2GB would be a good start) then by installing TomTom "Home" on your PC, you should b able to download new operating system files and navigation voices etc. for free. But you'll have to buy a new map.
The good news is that he can grab the latest software from TomTom without charge. The bad news is the map, on the other hand.... that will cost a few quid.

Seems stupid that someone would have snagged the card and sold the unit without it.

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