Nav4 V16.201

Sep 9, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Go 620
Version 16.201
Size: 325 MB
Version: v16.201
Depending on your internet connection speed, the download and installation of this item may take a long time.
What's new:

TomTom TRUCKER: Improved route planning on MyDrive

When using MyDrive on your computer, you can now select truck as your vehicle profile, set your vehicle dimensions and plan a route accordingly. You can then sync the route to your TomTom TRUCKER.

TomTom RIDER: Improved route planning on MyDrive

When using MyDrive on your computer, you can now choose from 3 levels of hilliness and windiness when planning a roundtrip or an A to B thrilling route. These routes can be saved as tracks and synced to your RIDER’s My Routes folder so that you can ride them exactly as pre-planned.

TomTom RIDER: Frequent contacts for outgoing calls

Your TomTom RIDER can now detect your most frequently called numbers from your phone’s call history. You can then easily access them on your device by going to the Frequent Contacts tab in your Phone menu.

MyDrive App: Traffic Checker

You can now set a personal traffic checker on the MyDrive smartphone app and get a customised report for delays on your commute between Home and Work.

MyDrive: Syncing errors fixed

If you experience any problems with MyDrive sync between your navigation device and MyDrive, please update your device to this latest software version. Then go to the main menu ->TomTom Services -> MyDrive and log in using your TomTom account.

Other bug fixes and improvements

Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

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