My tomtom xl lost its gps signal

Aug 19, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
I have a tomtom xl that can not find a gps signal, when the signal was lost I was on a trip and it had been working great.

I have tried many recommendations by tomtom. At one point, I was instructed to remove the North American Map folder from the Tomtom icon under computer and put it on my desk top. I'm not sure what I did next(this has been going on for over a week now) but after I did that recommendation, My computer would not located the Gps in the computer file(I have Vista). I did several more things recommended by tomtom(did this thru email) and then I borrowed a friends computer and it would located the gps as an internal F(not the Tomtom Icon) so I copied the maps on a thumb drive and copied it to the Internal F folder using the laptop. So now my Tomtom has maps and when its turned on it shows my in NYC and still says searching for GPS signal. Now, my computer does the same thing, the tomtom shows up as an internal driver(where it was once the tomtom icon)

Tomtom Home does open when the gps is pluged into my computer(I'm using a front usb port on a desktop) and it does attemp to look for updates. I can't remember if this is common, but once the tomtom tries to update and blue and white screen with a picture of a tomtom stays on the gps unit. Tomtom Home has been uninstalled and reinstalled on my desktop.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what I should try next? Or is it time to get a new Tomtom...
Please, If there is something I need to attempt again, please give very detailed instructions as I'm not great with computers and their programing.

Connect to the computer. Make an Explorer not Home backup. See here:

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Connect to Home and install the application that should be offered.

Disconnect the device properly from home using the Device disconnect icon.

Take the device outside in an open area and stationary position. In a few minutes, you should have a gps lock.

Try that.
Thank you for your information but I am afraid to attempt the how to backup the contents of your unit to the computer and how to restore it. The instructions are confussing and I'm afraid of messing up my computer. I made it to the start of Windows explore and looking for the drive to copy and found the local and locallaw folders but nothing that said local disk. When I opened the local folder there were many folders in there that did not pertain to TOMTOM.

It boils down to this....

When your unit is connected to the computer, Windows assigns a drive letter to the removable drive (probably E:\ or F:\). When you click on the 'My Computer' icon on you desktop and it opens, you should see the TomTom unit listed under the category 'Devices with removable Storage'.

Well, first create a new folder on your C:\ drive and name it something meaningful like 'TomTom backup - August 19' (no quotes).

So, go to the removable drive in My Computer showing the TomTom icon. Right click. Select 'copy'.

Now, go to the new folder you created on the C:\ drive. Highlight it and select the menu option 'paste'.

That's it.......
Thank you for making it so much simpler....I appreciate your help.

I want to make sure I am copying the correct folder.....I went into "type" on my computer and found the devices with removable storeage and in it is a F: Internal Storage(it is not called TOMTOM) ...When I open it, there are folders labeled such as: .spoltlight-V100, bin, cp, tomtom cfg and many more folders.... Would this be the correct folder to copy?

If this is the correct folder to copy, would you please walk me through the next step...

Thanks again!
Yes. You have identified the content of your TomTom. You will want to copy ALL of the content you see (files and folders) to that backup folder you have created on your PC.
To copy the contents of the TomTom simply click on one of the folders or files in the directory (.spoltlight-V100, bin, cp, tomtom cfg and many more folders.... ) and then press the <ctrl> and the "a" key at the same time (select ALL shortcut). All the folders and files should be highlighted, right click on any of them and they should remain highlighted and a menu should appear. Click on "Copy".

Go to the destination folder (I would put it in a folder on your desktop or maybe even your Documents/TomTom/Backup folder and give it a date as a name, for example "20120819").

Navigate to that folder, which should be empty, and right click. Select that paste command. All of the folders and files should be coppied from your TomTom to the folder you selected. It takes about 30 or 40 minutes for me when I do this type of backup.

I copied the internal F files onto my desktop and when I went to copy and paste them back into the Internal F on my computer, I was informed that there is not enough space in the internal drive... Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
I did the updates and then at the end I get the following message....
Error when contacting server: You have an invalid version of the TomTom Application installed on your tomtom device. To use Home you need to install the correct of the tomtom application.

The following was also listed.

ERROR: 573/# Error from server: You have an invalid version of the TomTom application installed on your TomTom device. To use HOME you need to install the correct version of the TomTom application.
You have an invalid version of the TomTom application installed on your TomTom device. To use HOME you need to install the correct version of the TomTom application.
Error code: 573
Debug info from server: InvalidModelOrNavcoreException %3A The combination of model and navcore version provided is not supported
Additional information: info = [object]
info.func = [string] account/setDevice
info.args = [object]
info.args.deviceCode = [string] AKSGEAJA22
info.args.deviceSerial = [string] RU7350F12763
info.args.deviceModel = [string] xl2009_plus_2048_tts
info.args.deviceNavcoreVersion = [string] 8.415
info.args.deviceParameters = [string] {"ApplicationVersion":"1240","ApplicationVersionVersionNumber":"8415","VehicleBrand":"","VehicleModel":""}
info.method = [string] POST
info.useCache = [string] false
info.dryRun = [string] false
info.xmluploadbody = [object] empty
Severity: 1105
0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:468
xmluploadbody: this.xmluploadbody
1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:430
2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:277
this.request.onload = function() { me._done(true); }
Time: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:13:38 GMT
Did you make the Explorer backup? Please do so.

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Connect to Home and install the application offered. Disconnect using the Device disconnect icon.
XL IQ Routes TTS* / 340S - 2GB is the gps I have

I uninstalled home and reinstalled home and it finished updating, now it will search for a GPS signal, go from being in NYC to a road near my house. Then after a few minutes, It turns itselff off and back on and starts from the beginning again.
Yes, I did the explorer backup and deleted all the folders from the tomtom and reinstalled them.
I hope you mean the files, not folders were deleted. I wanted Home to offer an application when you connected to it.
I deleted everything that was in the Internal F drive. But I did copy everything to another folder first and then pasted it back...Would it be possible to delete the just the files and try it again?
Follow these steps EXACTLY.

1. Make an Explorer backup.
2. Delete the loose files in the root of the unit. Do NOT delete folders.
3. Now, connect to Home.
4. An application should be offered. Install.
5. Disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.
I did the above and tomtom home did offer to install an application and once that was done and the device restarted, (it did two different types of instllations and restarted twice). I properly disconnected from home using the icon. Took the unit outside and it had NYC on it and then it located my home area and the gps signal was lost changed to 2D/3D but I couldn't put a route in... then it rebooted on its on and went back to NYC...

Thanks again

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