mount for motorcycle ??

If you search the site you'll see a mount that someone posted that has a waterproof case that mounted to something like the mount that you showed. It had a soft plastic cover and a hard plastic case just in case you hit rain.

I'd personally look for something that it mounts in (all sides), not snaps into. I've got a hard time thinking that my $200.00 unit is banging down the road at 80 mph if it pops out of the cradle. Even my Rider2 has a tether that I always ensure is secured before I ride off.
The RAM mounts work good, but note the thread comments about the glare from the Aqua Box. It works best on cloudy and rainy days, and at night.

For bright daylight, the clip-on mount works best - but the tethering would be helpful as a safety item. the RAM mount hold it pretty good, but I would think a good pothole might shake it loose.

See if you can find any posts on this and other forums on tethering.

You can use if for 4-5 hours on the battery (only turn it on when you really need it), or fabricate a 12 volt connection/adapter for a more permanent mount.
Just don't tell tech support that you're mounting anything other than a Rider on a motorcycle because that voids your warranty =)
I used the regular ram mount and added a 12V outlet up front for the power. It works well so far. The glare is the flash. On really sunny days it does get washed out, changing the colors helps a little. In the rain I just use a heavy duty plastic bag or else I put it in the map window of a tank bag.



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