Motorcycle mount (with power) for TT ONE (V2)

Apr 29, 2007
I am looking for a motorcycle mount for a TomTom ONE (v2)

It should have:
- ability to be attached to handlebar or smaller diameter bars
- have a built-in power connector (I want to hardwire to bike, but be able to detach ONE at stops)

I realize the ONE is not waterproof, and that TT has the RIDER, meant specifically for motorcycles. But the fact is, we already have the ONE, and IMO the RIDER is way too expensive compared to other models.

Thanks for your help.
I just did a yahoo search and found these...
look at this one in particular... Product Number: RAM-B-176-TO4 which uses this:

It doesn't look like any of them use a different cradle. You might check on a few motorcycle sites for anyone that might know of an aftermarket cradle either handmade or mass produced. The handmade ones are usually the best design, as they are usually created out of necessity.
i use my tomtom on my motorcycle using the ram mount. it's a little pricey but very well made and secure. as far as power, you will have to wire you up a 12 volt source to use your car charger for the tomtom. i went to wally world and purchased a waterproof 12 volt power outlet, some wire and an inline fuse. wired it straight to the battery. there are some other options, but all much more difficult. the ram mount will cost about $80. like i said, pricey, but very well made. i plug my tomtom in to the charger, wrap the wire around the mount to take care of the excess wire leaving enough to reach the 12 volt power outlet to keep the wiring out of the way when i have it mounted on the bike. be aware though that the sun is killer on these. hard to see the screen a lot of the time.

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