Air vent mount for GO 620

The 6" units are pretty heavy, and TomTom does not recommend their vent mount for these.
The best I had for my 600 was a Pro-Clip bracket for my Taurus and a bolt on TomTom mount.
I changed cars, drive little now, and did not get those for my 620.
How did the Pro-Clip work out for you for your 600? The weight is equivalent to the 620, and it's just a matter of snapping the ball of the mount to swap.
I always worried about hanging that much weight on the vent louvers. Then again, the stiffness (thickness, mostly) is different between makes of cars.
The Brodit Pro-Clip is removed by pulling it upwards with some force. The way it was on the Taurus I would think it could have taken multiple times the downward force.
If I would be driving for business I would not hesitate to get a new one.

No vent mount for mine from Brodit, though given weight vs. vent design, not a surprise.
I guess if the OP looks, he may see something different for his vehicle.
Here's what they do offer for mine >>
In post # 2 you said went mounts are not recommended.

In post # 4 I said that I got a bracket for my Taurus fro Brodit.

I post # 6 , right hand side, the bracket is shown mounted on the dash of my Taurus.

Since you said that the vent mount is not recommended I ignored any further reference to it and pointed out that Brodit makes brackets
All understood. Actually, what I said in #2 is that TT does not recommend their own vent mount for these heavier devices, and that it comes as no surprise.
Thought it would be worth a look, but in neither of our cases did Brodit recommend a vent mount. They do sell them, but they must be for vehicles with vents with super heavy plastic that don't flap around easily.
I suspect the OP would also be better off with one of the clip sort they recommend for my vehicle and yours.

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