TomTom Universal Air Vent Mount Kit Questions

Jul 11, 2011

Have a brand new XXL540 TM (5" model) and all I can say is Wow ! First gps I've ever had.
Sure I'm going to have a lot of questions, and really glad for this Forum. Would like to ask this, please:

Also bought a TomTom Universal Air Vent Mount Kit.
Seems to be well made, but-

With the curved back of the 540, and with the ring in the middle (which protrudes another 1/8" or so even after removing the ball-mount components that pop-off)), the top and bottom fingers of the mount barely encompass the unit; fingers (the ends of) are right at the end of the 540.

The 540 certainly doesn't "snuggle" against the flat back of the mount, like it probably should.
Not a very secure grasp of the fingers, and does not inspire confidence.

Am I missing something ?
Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated.
Hate to return it, as it seems very well made.

Also, seems to be no way to rotate the plane of the unit. Seems to only have lateral x & y adjustments. Is there some angular orientation(s) possible ?

Are there other dashboard vent mounts that perhaps do a
better job of securing a 540 ? Suggestions ?

Much thanks,
I think that might be the problem with "Universal" mounts, they will never be perfect for any one particular unit as they are all slight;y different shapes.

Would this one be a better bet?


ONE/XL/XXL Air vent mount kit
Have a look at whats available from Brodit/ Pro-Clip as their solutions tend to clip to either side of the vent providing a very secure platform to attach the device.

They also make a "ball" that can be screwed to the Pro-Clip to which you attach the ring portion of the mount supplied with the device, its supposed to be used with the iPhone car Kit but it works fine with a number of different devices.

First off you will need a Pro-Clip to suit your vehicle, there are loads to choose from, and the Brodit TomTom Ball which, in this case was salvaged from an x40 Brodit Mount, but a Brodit/ TomTom style ball is now available under the part number of 533091 directly from Brodit/ ProClip, here the Brodit "Ball" is attached to the Pro-Clip sat next to the standard Easy Port windscreen mount:

Look above the hinge line and you will see two small rubber plugs, these need to be removed (they simply flick out using your finger nails) to reveal two Philips head screws

Remove the two screws and the mount comes apart very easily:

Place the old windscreen sucker part to one side and re-assemble the ring portion of the Easy-Port mount to the Brodit Ball by trapping the ball between the easy port ring and top cap, secure in to position using the two screws, these only need to be nipped up do not over tighten:

The Pro-Clip plus the Easy-Port secured in to my car (Ovlov V70), the Brodit Pro-Clip simply clips over the airvent securing to the structure either side of the vent to provide a solid mount for the navigation device, no holes are needed and if removed no traces of it being fitted are left in the car:

Finally, what does it look like with the device attached, if you want the device higher up rotate the entire mounting ring through 180 degrees and the device sits 75MM (3") higher (shown in the low position):

From OP:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Amazing how such a dumb thing as a Mount can get so complicated.

Appreciate suggestions very much.

Great Forum.


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