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Mar 29, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
825 GO
Does either the 825 or 1005 have a memory card slot that actually works? Depending what you read a review it varies?
The 1005 situation was pretty strange. Here's what I think I know about them. In each case the "Prefix" means the first two characters of the serial number. As you can see, only the "Version A" units had the uSD slot available. Memory specified in "GB" is the size of the internal memory of each unit.

Version "A" - NOT Live

Prefix SR = GO 1005 (Australasia = 2050, Germany = 1015???), 4GB + SD
Prefix SQ = GO 1005, (Australasia = 2050 World), 8GB + SD ("World" edition maps)

Version "A" - Live

Prefix SP = GO Live 2050, 4GB + SD
Prefix ST = GO Live 1005 (Australasia = 2050, Germany = 1015???), 8GB + SD

Version "B" - NOT Live

Prefix SE = GO 1005 (U.S. = 2050, Australasia = 1050), 4GB
Prefix SF = GO 1005, 2GB
Prefix SJ = GO 1005 (Australasia = 1050 World, Somewhere = 2050???), 8GB ("World" edition maps)

Version "B" - LIVE

Prefix SA = GO Live 1005 (somewhere =1050 or 2050???), 4GB
Prefix SB = GO Live 1005, 2GB
Prefix SI = GO Live 1005 (Australasia = 1050 World or somewhere = 2050???), 8GB ("World" edition maps)
Can you confirm whether the "Version A" models came before or after the "Version B" ones?
Sorry -- I have no idea when each was introduced into the market. It might not have even been the same in Europe vs. NAM.

That said, and it may be entirely irrelevant, note that the "B" versions all have lower serial number prefix data. That appears to correspond with early reports of the 1005 unit from users that it had no uSD card slot.

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