Mar 6, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
Go 400
hi all hope this is the right place for this, yesterday I was in the New Forest Hampshire uk, I was getting hungry and searched for the neatest McDonald's, this was in Christchurch 10 miles away, no problem...except it took me to a residential cul de sac and definitely not a McDonald's! Is this to be expected of a Tomtom 400? Do they not update these? Thanks for help.
I have encountered a similar situation with a local cafe here in Southern California

It turns out that the address shown by TomTom is the home address of the owner of the cafe. I believe that TomTom obtains cafe addresses from an outside company, and this company transposed the business address and the home address. I have no way of knowing if that is what happened to you, but it might be the case.

- Tom -
Not transposed ... the company supplying the information uses information obtained directly from government agencies, and on occasion, the registered agent for the business will identify the location as his home address vs. brick and mortar address. No sanity check is done by the groups that aggregate that info, so sometimes yes, that's what happens. So all we can do is correct them when we encounter them.
Must be something spazzing at TT. His works fine for me.
Yep 2nd link works fine, just a forward slash at the end was the problem with dhn's ! I've reported it now so thank you all.

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