Mcdonalds Golden arches

Sep 26, 2010
Coquitlam BC
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I used to have the 'Golden arches' POI from Mcdonalds .. but after my tom tom crashed and I restored the poi from Canada McDondalds all I get is is the "big red square " for Mcdonalds ..

kinda looks like Tim Hortons red squre .. :(

May I please have the golden arches back??
I'm sorry what are these? .. they are jpg's ...

Actually they are .bmps, the correct format for use on the TomTom for POI icons.

I need POI please ...

So do you need the icon or the actual POI location data? In other words, can you still select a McDonalds to navigate to? (I'm not sure why you would want to, but that's just me!)

Assuming you CAN still find the locations, there are two possibilities.

1. It looks like you have installed a USER-poi file for McDonalds. In that case you just need to make sure the poi data file (.ov2 format) and the icon (.bmp format) have exactly the same name. Both files should be in your map folder. So you should be able to use the icon from that site and make sure it is named the same as the POI file you say you downloaded.

2. Alternatively, I would think you should have McDonalds in the built-in POIs.
In the US and Canada, you are lucky as some well-known brands have their own icons for the built-in pois (including McDonalds). These are stored in a folder called "brands" inside the map folder. The individual icons (bmp format) have numerical names like 7311_1.bmp or 9379_2.bmp.

Looking at a backup of one of my US maps, the icon for McDonalds is 7315_8.bmp.

So the questions are.... do you have that folder? Can you see the icons inside if you switch your Explorer view to "thumbnails"? And do you still have the McDonalds one in there?

If not, you could try putting the McDonalds one from that website into the "brands" folder and renaming the icon to '7315_8.bmp'.
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the downloaded poi's I found o nthe net didn't even show on the poi's .. So I deleted all the Mcdonalds poi's thru Home .., and then found the an old backup of mine and installed those ones instead by dragging over to the installed TomTom o nmy drive . .I think it will work now ..

....then found the an old backup of mine and installed those ones instead by dragging over to the installed TomTom o nmy drive . .I think it will work now ..

You need to drag BOTH the McDonalds.ov2 file AND the McDonalds.bmp file over, and they need to be dragged into the specific named map folder (North America, or whatever yours is called)

If you cannot see the .ov2 and .bmp bit of the file names you need to change your settings in Windows Explorer - go to the Tools menu, select "Folder Options" then the "View" tab and UN-tick "hide extensions for known file types".
How many map folders have you got on the device, I have known users with multiple maps installed to a device load POI's to the non active map folder which prevents the POI from being seen by the device - Mike

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