Oct 13, 2011
I use Urban Rider on my bicycle, and as a cyclist, enjoy riding along quiet country lanes.
I receive regular map updates as part of an annual subscription. I also receive from the Mapshare community. Some Mapshare items included a LOT of country lanes BLOCKED to car access. As a result, I have UNBLOCKED them so my U Rider uses those lanes when I am cycling.

My views on this are:-
Residents and farmers on quiet country lanes are deliberately placing BLOCKS and submitting them through Mapshare to stop tax paying road users driving past their properties.

This IS NOT the function of Mapshare. Mapshare is to inform other TomTom users of prolonged roadworks. NOT to stop others using your SELF IMPOSED PRIVATE road network.


Those I rode along this morning are perfectly usable for cars.

I am leaving the Mapshare community.
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What were your Mapshare settings?

IIRC, you have four "trust" levels. Setting it to a more strict level should stop any single-user 'corrections' getting through to your TomTom.
Hello again.

My Mapshare settings were TomTom and "Trusted sources".

I have now reduced this to TomTom only.

A BIG tip for cyclists.
ONLY accept Mapshare items from TomTom. "Trusted sources" are NOT necessarily to be trusted. I have found many country lanes 'Blocked' by "Trusted users" that are perfectly navigable by car. This is so those country lanes are NOT used by rat-runners and tourist drivers.

Another BIG tip for cyclists.
DO NOT share your unblocking of town centre pathways you know as 'dual use' pavements.

The reason for this is TomTom units are for motorised vehicles. TomTom DO NOT market a 'SatNav' for pedal cycles, so some of your changes are NOT applicable to 99.999% of TomTom users.

I only know of ONE other TomTom cyclist GLOBALLY.

If you know better, let me know :)

Those country folk who set their lane to 'Blocked' may have dissuaded a parcel delivery truck from accessing their lane. An unnecessary journey to the parcel depot would be the consequence :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

5 star laugh.
I don't see how a single person (or even a group of them) trying to stop their local roads getting used as rat-runs or by tourists, could ever become a "trusted source" by TomTom.
"submitted by some" or "submitted by many" maybe... but not "trusted".

Can you give some examples of these blocked lanes/roads, please, so we can check them and report them to TomTom for re-correction if neccessary?

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