Maps for Offroad Navigator

May 23, 2007
I have created a few maps for Offroad Navigator in the past, but it was not as easy as I wished it was - in particular the calibrating of the maps.

Does anyone have any suggestions for tools to use to create maps for Offroad Navigator? Possibly a tutorial how to use the tools as well?

Maps for Offroad

A very cool utility is from Marc Hillman.

It will take a large image, calibrate it and then section it into maps AND create a file.


You can get maps from any source and then pick any two calibration points from google maps, enter into MHillman's FileSplitter, BOOM! a new folder with sectioned images and config file are created.

This application sounded amazing to me so I snagged it right away.

Unfortunately I get an error message when trying to type in Long and Lat.

90 > value > -90

for the Latititude location.

I'm mapping in southern nevada and google is giving me:

35.982451, -115.482445

as a Long and Lat for my point. The first number is fine, but the second gives me the error. Anyone know why this is? Am I not putting it in in the correct format?
BLAH!, nevermind, I figured it out. I just assumed it would prioritize Lat before Long like google shows, but its Long and then Lat.

I'd still like any info anyone has on really getting the most out of the Offroad Navigator app. I know I read somewhere that there is a way it prioritizes which map is displayed. For instance I make an overall map for my planned trail ride. Then I make higher res maps cut up into sections for areas I want more detailed. So if I enter into an area with higher detail maps, it will switch them out but once I leave that area it would go back to the overall map. Is this possible?
From the Offroad Navigator Webpage ( -

# Offroad will change itself the map, when the current point goes outside of the area covered by the current map. If no map fits the new position, Offroad reverts back to the default screen and doesn't show anymore the current point and the next waypoint.
# Maps are chosen in the order of the description file. As soon as a map fits the current point, it is selected. So, if you want to have a more accurate map for a specific area, also covered by a less accurate map, you should put the more accurate map before the other one in the description file.

Hope this helps!

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