Just got a tomtom! Wondering if tomplayer works with 8.010?

Sep 2, 2008
I just got a tomtom 720 and I was wondering if I should update to Navcore 8? I am wanting to use tomplayer, and possibly tyre. Do these apps work with 8.010? I really don't see on their websites where they mention it. Thanks!
Tyre will become part of your Home software when you install it and yes it will work just fine with the 8.0 firmware. I use it all the time with mine.

TomPlayer should work with the 720 and 8.0 too but I don't use it and can't guarantee it. I have seen that others are using third party players though.

Here is the website. You should be able to find out for sure about the 720 there.

You may need to add an SDHC card (4 gb is a good one) to have room for your add-on programs and additional files.
I have everything working on my SD card now and that gave me plenty of room on it and internal memory to add things.

Good Luck
Thanks!! I have an SD card on the way, so as soon as that arrives I should be ready to start installing apps. The other app I need is Offroad, but I am not sure if it runs with 8.010 either. I can't believe how difficult it is to get a simple breadcrumb trail on an auto gps, but I have to have it for my Jeep.. Unfortunate really.

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