Installed latest TomTom software, now can't find accurate lock

I just had a quick look through the pdf manual for the Carminat TomTom
(at and I can't find any mention of a reset button so far. Page 46 has details of the "Reset to factory settings" menu and also mentions there is a "Partial reset" somewhere, but it's not in the picture (unless its a sub-menu of the main fectory reset option?).

But if there's an SD card, maybe just removing and inserting the card causes a reset, like it does on the normal PNDs?

My Tomtom Rider2 is alive again!

I installed the latest quickGPSfix (from monday) and then did a reset of the device.
Now he knows where he is :)

Thanks to this forum!

The Tomtom support stil haven't replied to my email...
I have not seen anyone report any problems after installing the Sunday quickgpsfix udpate (version 1341611205).

If anyone still has any problems after the Sunday update, we have arranged a direct contact with TT's programmers. If you still have problems, they have asked to post:
1) your device serial number
2) attach your quickgpsfix file (the \ephem\ file on the Tomtom drive)

We can forward it to the programmers for troubleshooting.

Monday 8:10 pm The quickgpsfix it's offering me is 1341687785 how does this relate to the version you mention?
Close. One we found that was troublesome was 1341523493 which equates to Thu, 05 Jul 2012 21:24:53 GMT.

The one you are being offered is good through Sat, 07 Jul 2012 19:03:05 GMT, two days later.
Oops, I installed the latest GPSquickfix update but the device was still out, but by different amounts, so I deleted the contents of the ephem folder again. Rebooted and tried to update again, except Home now thinks I'm up to date. How can I make it think I need the update again?

Use Manage my Device in Home and Items on computer-->gps file, if it finds something, select to remove it.

Then try to Update my unit again.
Large Position Error

An FYI, 3 of us updated various model TomTom just before leaving for a vacation in Italy (June 29th update). All three had the same issue of showing our vehicle positions a significant amount off of the actual road we were on. We were able to update our TomTom's with Monday July 2nd's (or 3rd, don't remember for sure) update and the position was correct from then on.

At this point I'm believing the 6/29 quickGPSfix file was "bad" and the one available on the 2nd or 3rd was correct. It was a scary couple of days since I had planned on my TomTom being the primary means of finding my way around.

Sounds like a few people ran into this problem.
Unfortunately for the theory....

I recently tried to help someone in this position with a Go720 after updating his software and he had never downloaded a QuickFix file since he got it.
There was no ephem folder on the unit at all.

At which point I was a bit stumped!

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