Install and activate Western Europe maps cds onto sd card

Mar 27, 2013
The Netherlands
TomTom Model(s)
Navigator 5
I've copied my Benelux maps (Navigator 5) onto a new sd card. As well I've copied all the western Europe maps onto it. However, I can't activate each of country map individually because Tomtom website (ttcode) gives me only 1 code for western Europe. Meanwhile when I copied each cd, it transferred to each individual folder. When I type in the only activication code of western Europe for e.g. map of Italy, it says that it's the wrong code. I've tried to put all the country maps into one folder but then the folder itself won't even show up on Treo 650. Please help and thank you.


You may wish to call CS. I'm not sure stuff that old is even supported anymore.


Maandag t/m vrijdag
van 9.00 tot 18.30 CET

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