Idea for a new feature on a tom tom GPS unit

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Jun 13, 2010
Harrisburg, PA
Would be really cool if Tom Tom contracted with like Accu weather or the NWS to have a live radar on your maps via sattelite to show you were the rain is you will be running into like on Commercal aircraft GPS systems. What do you think
Sorry but this gets a thumbs down from me, real time weather in a car isn't nearly as safety critical as it can be to an aircraft which is typically travelling 8 times faster than the road borne mode of transport, in a car the action of the windscreen wiper is a good indication of rain etc - Mike

i disagree. this would be a very desirable feature for travelers. we travel around in the country in our RV roughly 6-months out of the year and it while we have a weather alert radio it would be a nice option to be able to display area weather watches and warnings on the GPS screen rather than having to drag out a paper map, locate the county we're in and then the county(ies) the watch/warning covers, etc.
I think it would be cool! I love using wondermap from weather underground. While you are at it, go ahead & display the satellite view of the map. Oh, Oh, How about a real time sat. view with your car on the road? You could see traffic ahead & all. I would settle for weather info for now though.
What about the bikers that use GPS for navigation on their weekend trips to spots unknown. Knowing where the rain is and being able to avoid it while on the road would be pretty cool in my book as well. A detour to a small town bed and breakfast to avoid the rain could lead to another adventure all together.
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