Cool Arrival Sound Idea

Sep 1, 2009
Guys, i have an idea if someone is kind enough to implement it for me.

How about a message like "You have reached your destination. Please remember to take your unit with you."

This would work much better than that stupid shutdown image that comes up on power down.

What do you think? Can someone record it for me and upload it?
Arrival Sound - in .ogg format 54k

Here's one I just whipped up - use if freely if you like. 54k, in .ogg format. Hope that's the right sound format, if not, let me know and I'll convert it. I work in a radio station, and am in the recording studio right now, so I just knocked out your request for an arrival sound. Hope this helps!

It's uploaded (attached) as - unzipped it and rename it to whatever sound your TomTom expects to see as the shutdown sound, and put it in your TomTom's proper folder. Good luck!


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