I ound out why not happy TomTom 1535 voice control issue solved

Feb 3, 2023
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Hello Everyone,
I am so sorry for all these “posts” about my TomTom 1535LTM that had the issue of “voice command not available in your country” I FOUND OUT WHY… Read below...

After doing the reset, finally The Voice Control seems to work again >>>>but only when you push the microphone button on the screen.

Before I did the reset, if I could get voice control to work, all I would have to do was say hey TomTom, and it would say>>>say a command.

Now every time I want to use voice command I have to push the microphone button on the screen, which means you have to take your hands off the wheel to use voice control.

It finally works when you push the microphone button it'll say>>>> say a command>>> it'll have a list of the commands and then you can say them & it works, but the problem is you have to touch the screen EVERY TIME to use voice command whereas before that I didn't have to.

So, I got on live chat with TomTom and had a lengthy conversation with them long story short, the new firmware installed on my 1535 caused this issue doing the RESET will now ONLY allow voice command to work only IF you push the microphone button. No more HELLO TOM TOM or OK TOM TOM to “activate” voice command >>> this was confirmed by TomTom.

How disappointing................ so IF you have the 1535 or any older TomTom and do the RESET... like I did you run the risk of creating a NEW way that voice control works.

Below is the link TomTom gave me to do that reset,

the only good thing is since this “reset” I don't get “voice command not available in your country.

BUT now you MUST tap the microphone EVERY TIME you want to use voice control. Not hands free anymore ..ugh....

This will be my last post about this issue & I sincerely apologize for all the many posts about this issue.. Problem seems solved, just not the way I would like...

Below is the link that TomTom gave me to do the "reset" so IF you have a voice command issue be aware IF you reset your device by doing the reset as shown below, you might have the same issue as I did.

Glad the problem is more or less resolved. What I find more amazing is that you actually got a live customer service agent! :)
Completely unaware that the last build for the Via 1535 (or others) had disabled the voice trigger phrase.
Surprised we hadn't heard that already. In all of my searches on this, I found only ONE reference - someone posting a YouTube video referencing this problem, perhaps to provide visual evidence to open a ticket?
I was wondering if it had anything to do with the toggling of the 'Show microphone' and 'Disable Hey TomTom' on the Voice Control Settings page.

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