How to list the folders and files on your TomTom or PC and post them here - Discussion



For run-of-the-mill work, I just take a DOS box to wherever I need to get the info, and use the old redirect with a DIR command

All of the standard "DIR" commands will work, and instead of producing the result on the screen, it all goes to SOMEFILE.TXT.

For example, if you only wanted "hidden" files, you could type

If you want the content of all of the subdirectories expanded as well, you could type

Then all the user has to do is take his favorite text editor and copy and paste as much as he likes.

Unlike the Windows approach, this allows you to resort by date order, size, etc. The old DIR command really is pretty flexible.

Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 2455-BDCD

Directory of C:\Documents and Settings\CHRIS\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map

10/04/2012 08:16 AM <DIR> .
10/04/2012 08:16 AM <DIR> ..
02/16/2012 01:23 AM <DIR> North_America
05/23/2012 09:17 AM <DIR> North_America-1
08/27/2012 06:39 AM <DIR> North_America-2
07/11/2012 02:35 PM <DIR> Western_Europe
09/24/2012 09:44 AM <DIR> Western_Europe-1
1 File(s) 0 bytes
7 Dir(s) 436,727,074,816 bytes free


Handy to know. DOS scares a lot of people though....:behindsofa:

Also, IIRC, both the progs I mentioned allow you to resort by date, size, etc.too.

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