How to generate lists?

Feb 20, 2008
I was curious how you generate these lists of businesses for the POIs.

For example, if I wanted a POI of all Porter Paint Stores in the United States, how do I get the list of all the Porter Paint Stores in the United States to begin building the POI files?

Any help is apprecaited.





Apr 20, 2009
Ontario, Canada
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FYI - How I make POI lists

FYI - How I make POI lists
I Cut N Paste from a website locations list, I then use NoteTab (Pro or Light) (A text editor), paste the C'n'P into NoteTab then format as needed ie. ^T (Tab) between Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, for each entry.
I then take that info and Paste Special into LibreOffice, using Tab as delimiter, now everything is in neat columns.
I add 2 column to the beginning for Longitude & Latitude, which will be blank now.
I highlight rows 50 at a time from Address to Zip inclusive, copy.
I then paste into a new NoteTab file and remove from the address any Suite reference, or Unit reference or Mall name reference, as these can screw up the next step. I now select all and copy and paste it into a Batch Conversions of Address to Latitude/Longitude (Forward Geocoding) website like Stephen Morses fantastic site at, I paste the info into the address side, make sure the check box is on Longitude, Latitude as thats the order gps's use then hit Process, once the Longitude, Latitude are populated I selct all in that column, copy, then paste special into the first column of LibreOffice of the addresses I started with in the Longitude column, this time using comma as the delimiter, do not repaste in the address to zip fields leave them as is from the very first paste.
The repeat as needed to finish the list.
I then save/export as csv (comma delimited).
I then open a great program called Extra POI Editor, in options I select M-Column csv fields and through drop downs, assign each column.
Then Open File select the csv created, it will populate all fields, when happy save as desired GPS file.

I hope this helps people.

You can get the file I use from below:
NoteTab Light
Extra POI Editor from here
BTW - Microsoft Office 2007 and up works just as good as LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

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