How do you setup a PLAYLIST???

Dec 8, 2007
for the 920.

I want to create a playlist for my MP3s. The manual says that i can create playlists with Winamp or Windows Media Player. Okay. I did that and copied the *.m3u and *.wpl files in the \mp3 folder. I click on the "Playlist" icon in TomTom Jukebox. I don't see a playlist to choose. I only see my MP3s. Then I tried changing the *.wpl extension to *.pla. Now, that *.pla file appears outside of the \mp3 folder even though I saved it inside the \mp3 folder. Yet, when I click on the *.pla file, TomTom says "No matches found!"

this explanation: does not help my situation since I don't want to create a second set of mp3s.

Anyone know how to create a playlist that actually works?
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May 6, 2007
St. Gallen, Switzerland
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My car's HU doesn't have an aux input and I've tried several FM transmitters (including TT's) but I am not satisfied with sound quality. Secondly, I'm not really into mp3 but since my 910 has a built-in mp3 player, I have loaded it with some music. I just simply put songs of an artist in a folder and copied said folders to the device. The built-in mp3 player automatically created a playlist.

Hopefully some mp3 fans and experts in this forum could help you further.

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