How can I verify map download is complete?

Jan 19, 2024
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Hi, this is my first post and I am looking for advice and reassurance that my map download is going to work in Australia.

I reside in the UK and have a TomTom Go Basic with “Europe” pre-installed. I am visiting Australia in February and will be taking my TomTom
with me to use in hired cars. I paid for and downloaded a map of Australia and in the Maps section it shows both Europe and Australia are installed.
The added 32GB memory card (for the Australia download) is now showing free space of 31.37 GB and there is 4.96GB internal memory.

I feel a little apprehensive that I won’t know until I arrive in Australia that the download is going to work ok. Is there any way I can validate the download or even view the map as a whole whilst still in the UK?

Thanks in advance for any offered advice or reassurance.

Steve Pond
Select Settings then Maps then Choose another map to check if the map is indeed GPS.
Hi Willy

When I open Maps I have a choice of Europe or Australia. When I choose Australia it “loads up” but nothing opens up presumably because I’m not in Australia?
I have just inserted the memory card into my laptop to see what comes up and it states “This folder is empty” !!
It looks like I was right to be suspicious or am I missing something?

Your map may have been installed on the internal memory of the GPS, which is why your SD is empty

Have you looked on your Mydrive connect account to see if you see the map of Australia.
I removed the SD card and Australia no longer shows up in Maps. Nor is there any reference in Mydrive connect.
So the map of Australia is on the SD

On Mydrive connect tab my content scroll down to my maps you will need to see the maps installed on your device.
This is getting even more weird, I put the SD card back in the TomTom and Australia has disappeared from Maps.
When I click on Choose another map it only shows Europe. Also when I search in Add a Map to reinstate it, Australia no longer appears in the drop down list.
I have opened My Drive and when I click on Maps nothing happens. Screenshot attached.
I thought I was fairly computer literate but the TomTom websites have me baffled!!
Thanks for your help and patience.
MyDrive page.png
Hi Willy

I went through the procedure in the link you provided but hit a glitch when I was unable to clear the cache as it was "greyed" out. Being tired and frustrated at the hoops I was having to go through I thought why not reset the TomTom and start again?
Having done that I checked what was in Maps. The current map is Europe as before. When I open "Choose another map" I get Europe 1120.12149 but no mention of Australia. Similary, Australia is not available for download under "Add a Map" (although it was when I looked about 5 mins earlier!?). However, when I open "Delete Maps" both Australia 11.20 and Europe 11.20 are shown. The Australia map is shown as 473MB, which is seems about right and the Europe map is 7.40GB.
If I remove the memory card then Australia does not appear.
I'm not sure what else I can do.

None of this inspires much confidence in TomTom and it looks like I won't find out whether the Austrailia app is going to work until I get there.

I appreciate your help advice and patience.

I didn't give up, I went back to MyDrive Connect and successfully downloaded the Australia map!!! Turns out that the memory card had nothing on it, the reduction from the original 32GB was probally due to formating.

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