Help with XXL550 - Maps deleted on TT's suggestion

Sep 22, 2011
Hey Everyone,

Gonna try to make a long story short. I purchased my TomTom XXL550 from Costco this past December with lifetime maps. The device has worked great and had no issues up to this point. Yesterday my wife went to use the device and when she turned it on a red screen came up saying this map cannot be support on this device and would not allow her to get past that screen or to the home screen. We didn't download any new maps since the device was originally set up. The map that was downloaded back in December was USA_Canada_Mexico and worked fine till this point.

Well when I called tech support, they had me do a hard reset and that didn't solve anything. He then advised that I need to delete the map and re-download it. After I deleted the map, he then stated I would have to purchase the new map. I explained that I have lifetime maps with this device. He had me plug in the promo code. When I plug in the lifetime map promo code, it stated that the code is valid but cannot be supported at this time.

The rep then advised me that he was going to send an email me a form that I would have to send back and they would be able to get the lifetime maps added to my account. Well I received the email and noticed that it requires me to submit a proof of purchase receipt from Costco, which I no longer have since it was purchased last December!

When I called and explained this to another rep he basically told me tough luck and there's nothing we can do for you since you no longer have the receipt.

I'm supposed to be getting a call from a supervisor, but I'm sure everyone knows how that goes. Do you guys have any suggestions at this point? I feel like I'm going to get screwed because the receipt was thrown away. I emailed both the corporate and customer service as well, but I've heard that emailing higher up's directly helps in situations like these.

Thanks for letting me vent and for your suggestions.
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Update: I called TomTom tech support again when I got home from work and finally spoke to someone that understood and was willing to help. They activated my lifetime maps code and the latest map came up for me to download. Everything is working fine now.
Good news!

Moral of story..........

Never get rid of receipts prior to a warranty expiring.


Keep calling CS till somebody knows what they are talking about and are prepared to assist.

p.s. Make that Explorer, not Home, backup now!! :)
GPS purchased from Costco

For future reference, Costco keeps a record of purchases associated with your membership number, and Member Services can provide you with a proof of purchase long after the event.

I am not certain how long after a purchase this is maintained, but I believe that it is at least 2 years, as Costco automatically provides a second year of warranty on electronics purchased from them, and I assume that they would want to be able to confirm the purchase for at least that long. I can confirm from personal experience that their computer records on purchases go back at least 9 months, and that they will provide a proof of purchase that far after the event.

With best wishes,
- Tom -

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