GPS Data Via Bluetooth

Dec 11, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730
Can I send GPS data from my 730 to my Blackberry? What I'd like to do is have my 730 act as the GPS for apps on my BB?

I believe not since TomToms are gps receivers only, not transmitters.

As such, shipping companies cannot put tt's in their trucks and then map their current location.

There are (more expensive) brands that can emit the proper signals.
I didn't think so. It wouldn't be much for it to send info via Bluetooth. My Garmin 60CSx will send the info via wire with very little trouble. My Blackberry has a GPS but it's not the best as far as reception. Works great with Instamapper though.

Thanks for the reply.

My previous answer was not quite correct.........(what else is new:confused: )

Here is a clarification from a knowlegeable person:

You are correct that GPS devices are receivers only. However the TomTom Services, aka TomTom PLUS services utilize two way communication. For example when hooked up with a compatible Bluetooth phone the GPS can send a request for the local weather, send a request for traffic in a particular area, or send a request for updated QuickFix data.

The same happens with Buddies, through the Bluetooth phone hookup the device can send your current location to the TomTom servers. The Buddies service is free, and will work if you have a Bluetooth phone hookup to your device or if you have one of the LIVE devices like the 740 which includes a cellular modem.

But a device without a bluetooth phone hookup and not being one of the LIVE devices, and not connected to your computer has no way to send any information as you noted.

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