Google Maps to 1530

Dec 9, 2011
Toledo Ohio USA
TomTom Model(s)
Via 1530 TM
I am New to TomTom and I have been trying to send a street location to the GPS and they are not playing well together. It says that it has to go through TomTom Home but will not connect.
Also Will this play well with Microsoft Streets and Trips.
Unfortunately TomTom "Home" only works with the older TT models, all the new ones use "MyTomTom" as the "bridge" to their computer.

And guess what, the functionality to transfer locations from Google maps etc.doesn't work with MyTomTom.

That's progress for you. :(

But you can still do it manually just by copying the Lat/Long coordinates from the Google map.
The TT can navigate to coordinates or you can search for them on the Browse map screen
Tell us exactly what you want to do and we'll try to guide you.
The trouble is, there were a lot of good tools that worked with old-style TomTom's that cannot access the new ones.
I am directionally challenged and rely on the GPS. I have used Google Maps and it is convenient to just down load the address into the GPS.
We also tow a teardrop trailer that has just been completed this summer and it has been set up for boondocking with a solar panel and water filters that can make streams or lake water potable. For that I use Google earth and pull the GPS coordinates.
Next summer we will be heading out to California and being able to use way points as well as to hit places in BLM land with out having to sequence points would be nice. We do use maps and when on Crown land (Canada) and some BLM land use topo maps, and no we do not rely exclusively on the GPS.

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