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Aug 22, 2010
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Funny, I found ColorSchemer Online following the links provided by dhn.

After getting the 840 map I had mentioned elsewhere in the forum that I was not quite happy that it showed water and industrial areas in the same colour.

Opening Google_Day.clr I found
209,208,205 // industrial zone
209,208,205 // harbor/marina

I know, I said water but in this case it was the water at the docks in the industrial area. Without opening the CLR file I would not have know the harbor/marina designation.

I, just now, changed the colour scheme on my 930 and will find out tomorrow if I like the Google colours.

In case I would want to go back to my regular TomTom scheme but keep the differentiation between industrial and harbour, does anyone know where TomTom is hiding their standard schemes?

While searching for the latter, things are getting weirderer and weirderer! I have a folder
scheme, Created Friday, March 07, 2008 which contained the files
Google_Day.clr, 2008-Dec-04 and
Google_Day.tlv, 2008-Dec-04 plus my new
my_Google_Day.clr, 2010-Sep-11

Before this thread I do not recall ever to work with schemes.
That date of the folder tell me it came packaged with my unit which I got in the last week of May 2008.
The dates of the files are the same for Create and Modified.
The built in colour schemes are hard coded in the application, Arno.
Thanks, but I'm still puzzled why my unit came with a scheme folder, unless that was a then TomTom idea to allow developers to create applications.

BTW, 44.050593,-79.3254 , 10:30h - 16:00h tomorrow, last open house day for this season.

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