GO Premium voice issue - Polish comp.voice ZOSIA - ask for small test

Sep 21, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
GO Premium

I'm struggling with TomTom support for Years already (almost from the release time of GO Premium) with bizarre voice issue.

Can any of You load that voice to Your device - plan a short route and run simulation and record that then post on YT or elsewhere - I have strong filling so this is general problem with that specific voice.
Below You can read detailed description of the problem which I send initially to support. They sending AI replies like they don't afraid as this might result in class action for not using preferred pronounces and miss gendering ;) - joking of course :)

My device is constantly calling me with faminatives that should be no problem I think to resolve that just tell my device so my account is masculine...
Here is the link where my TomTom device is calling me she - it's in Polish of course where sentence "You have reach Your destination" has different form when a male or female driver is a subject - the footage is made after Soft Reset to factory settings.

Device is GO Premium - Serial number: ZR*******

As before I already got bizarre info that Your higher level of programmers didn't find the problem (?) and needs more details here is more detailed description:

Don't remember if that is happening in other situations (maybe not, but for sure always when I'm reaching my destination. On the attached YoutTube clip You can hear in Polish:
* "Po dwustu metrach dojechałaś do celu podróży"
Should be - "Po dwustu metrach dojechałeś do celu podróży" - and it means - "After 200 meters You will reach Your destination"
Then just after that You can hear:
* "Dojechałaś do celu podróży, Czapli"
Should be - "Dojechałeś do celu podróży, Czapli" - Means - You have reach Your destination, Czapli"

Dojechałaś is used in Polish when You refer to Woman/Girl
Dojechałeś is used in Polish when You refer to Man - and I'm Man!

To add something more On my TomTom Go app in android I have computer voice Agata which refers to me with the correct gender - means "Dojechałeś".
It's registered to the same account.

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