Go Live 1535 sim card wiped put by update again.

Won't let you try to log in? Still sounds like carrier rejecting service.
SIMs get auto-disabled if there is a bad account login, service expiration, or sometimes with software corruption. No one can renew the sim except for Tomtom. Tomtom has a SIM renewal system, but it is rarely used, and with these devices no longer manufactured after 2012, it is probable that their support agents are no longer trained on how to use the renewal system.

I have also followed up with some Tomtom contacts to see if they are able to perform a SIM renewal.
mvl. thank you for your help. I know I'm not crazy and I know this isn't rocket science. In the US they had to be able to renew the info when reactivating expired cards.I'm not worried about the subscription cost as long as the carrier is still working their 2G network. It is sad that stand alone GPS/Traffic units are going away. I have no interest in having a smart phone again, I've learned to really hate the culture of zombies being glued to the things. Paying $130.00 a month didn't help the cause any either. (I know they a cheaper now).
I'm not sure, don't really understand having a GPS that has to be tied to a smart phone that already can have a GPS/Live/traffic app in it, seems really redundant. I liked the idea of a stand alone back when they still had radio and MP3 players + the GPS functions. But I'm a dinosaur and revel in the fact I use over the air TV and don't pay a dime for it. I prefer a simpler less connected (chained) life, I have my comps at work and home, I just want my traffic, got stuck in it last night and cursing the whole 1.25 hour trip instead of the usual 25 min.
Ok in support of Thomas I feel compelled to tell my story. I have been working 2 1535 live units the past 3 days. I updated to new 9.5 maps and BAM! same problem. All my SIM Card info is blank on both units.
Afraid I can't help except to reinforce the fact that an update seems to have killed my sim as well? Tomtom 6100 worked perfectly for three years. Last big update to v.10.40 resulted in lost GPRS functionality. Tried all usual resets including factory several times, nothing! This means no traffic or cloud updates. All supposedly paid for. Phoned for help, twice. Second time told their senior engineers decided my sim is faulty and would I like to purchase a new unit? So thought I'd ask on here if this story feels similar to many others? Are we being played for mugs? No way just an update would cause this. My suspicious mind is in overdrive I'm afraid.
So thought I'd ask on here if this story feels similar to many others? Are we being played for mugs? No way just an update would cause this. My suspicious mind is in overdrive I'm afraid.
No, this is a pretty uncommon event. And no, the MAP update for your 6100 shouldn't have any reason to fiddle the SIM card at all, much less corrupt it. If an issue with 1040 maps was pandemic, we'd have heard about it here and on the corporate board.

As an intermediate step, if you have a phone data plan that has a decent sized (or no) cap, there's a phone app from TomTom that will allow access to traffic via your phone from the TT server. Your 6100 should be able to access traffic that way, just like a 610.
Just reading through this thread , I have just had the same thing happen to me.
go 5000 , updated and a few days later noticed I have no live services.
GPRS disconnected. Live services show as activated.
In the About section it shows gprs status. Underneath it says disconnected
Then it shows a set of numbers. this varies between 2 different sets
(23430,0,0,0,10,0) or ((null),0,0,0,10,1)
Spoke to customer service and they think the sim card is faulty. the unit is 3 yrs and 1 month old so they want a minimum £85 or $110 to replace the sim card.
Its been a great sat nav , but, I think I paid £229 or $300 for this even though I could use google maps on my phone for free. I paid that really just for the live traffic. So to get 3 years live traffic for that cost I don't think I will be replacing it.
Life time traffic , even by Tom tom standards should be more than 3 years.
Makes me wonder if more companies do the Apple thing of harming a product during updates to ensure repeat sales.
This all happened after an update to my tom tom.
For anyone with a unit out of the repair warranty I would think twice about downloading any updates that are not critical for its use.
Posted elsewhere about my instant success, everything back as new and working perfectly. Dismantled my unit, fairly easy I thought. Carefully removed SIM and cleaned it's contacts. This worked instantly for the cloud and traffic updates.

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