GO 630 touchscreen calibration

Jan 17, 2013
I won a GO 630 in a Christmas raffle. I cant even get past the setup screens because the touchscreen calibration is so out of alignment. The very first screen, where it asks what my language is, it is impossible for me to hit English. Basically, if I tap the very top of the screen, I can hit whatever is at the very bottom. Things that aren't at the bottom I can't hit at all. I thought maybe a firmware update would help or something, but TomTom Home doesn't even see the device. Windows sees it, and lets me browse it, but Home just acts like it is not there. Any ideas of how I can salvage this thing? Since I won it, I don't have the receipt or I would just send it back.
For the screen calibration, all I can suggest is that you try what's suggested in another forum here:
How To Calibrate The Tomtom Touchscreen (maybe!)

I must stress that this is a totally undocumented work-round, there's no easy set of instructions or any suggestions for what values to use other than what's in the various forum replies, and it's not guaranteed to fix the problem.
But it has helped quite a few people in the past.


For the issue of TT Home not recognising the Go, have a look here:

Why is my device not properly recognised? (TomTom HOME)
You'll need to click on a couple of links to get to it, but you should eventually find a file to download which might help.
You need to unzip it to create a folder called "home images" and then add that to the TomTom.

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