Galaxy Tab as SatNav.

Nov 27, 2012
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TomTom Model(s)
Go720traffic, Go710 via120 Galaxy Tab Samsung s3 Smartphone
Is it possible to install tomtom android on galaxy tab and use without fitting a sim card?
Yes, but you won't have HD traffic or speedcams without a sim or a wifi hotspot.

Also, some Galaxy Tab models have too high a resolution for the Tomtom app (so far).
Thanks for the reply,its really whether to install tomtom maps on the galaxy tab which I don't have a sim card in and my phone which is a galaxy s3. The main advantage being the size of screen on the P1000 Tab.
You can purchase the app once and use it on both devices, along as you share the same Google Play account across the devices.

Also, if you have hotspot enabled by your phone carrier, you can share the Galaxy S3's data connection with the Galaxy Tab, and use the Tomtom traffic/speedcam services on the Galaxy Tab via a wifi-tether to the Galaxy S3 sim-data.

Both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy tab 7" (P1000) have resolutions that are compatible with the Tomtom app.

I'll move this thread to the mobile navigation subforum...
Thank's for that,would you kindly explain in more detail how this can be done,I am not an expert so a step by step instruction would be perfect.
My network provider is Tmobile.
Thank You once again for what could be the solution to my needs.:)
Regarding hotspot, the best thing is to call your phone carrier for support. Tell them you want to access the internet on the Galaxy tab wifi, using the S3's sim plan.

They should be able to tell you whether you need to upgrade your sim data plan so that the s3 can share its connection, and should be able to walk you through the connection steps.
I've contacted Tmobile it would cost £10 +vat per month to make my s3 a hotspot for the Galaxy Tab which in my opinion would be too higher price to pay for the advantage of having a larger screen. Thanks for the help but I will have to decide now between the galaxy s3 and TomTom via 130.:confused:
The via130 doesn't have hd traffic, so it would only rely on historical patterns in routing.

That's no different than how the tomtom app on your galaxy tab would be without a sim plan. It will work but not give you live traffic/speedcams.

if you care about screensize and not traffic, just get the app for your galaxy tab and run it in offline mode.
Thanks for that it's certainly explained the alternatives and I can now decide how to proceed.:thumb::thumb:

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