"Fuel Prices" option in TomTom PLUS

I subscribed to and got the fuel prices and am getting new updates when I connect to the computer. TT Home brings down those and the mapshares and GPSfix updates almost every time. I am using the latest TT Home.....2.3 I think it is.
I used it on my trip......sailing along I-85......punched the quick menu and then fuel prices and then "near you". It brought up a list of stations within 10 miles or so. Picked the lowest and went to it.
It seems to be working fine now and the $14.95 for a year wasn't bad. I'm sure I saved that on the trip.
And how accurate are the reported prices ??

With prices changing so often, hard to imagine anyone [at the gas station] would take the time to upload their fuel pricing.
I used it 4 times........2 up and 2 back and all were accurate. They were big stations/truck stops on I-85 and I-26 and I'm sure it is in their benefit to report. After all, we spent another $20 on miscellany when we stopped and I'm sure others might spend more.
I didn't use fuel prices in the small towns we stayed in because I could see all the prices that were nearby.
I used it here at home yesterday and saved $.04/gallon at a Murphy's near where I took my Father-in-law for his checkup.
The way I understand it the station doesn't upload the numbers, they are gleamed from credit card transactions.

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