Finally buying - but Live 825 or Live 1005?

Oct 16, 2012
Hello everyone! Finally looking to buy a sat nav and have settled on the Tom Tom due to the HD Traffic which seems miles ahead of the competition. However I'm still a little confused about the difference between the top models.

Currently I'm split between the GO LIVE 825 and GO LIVE 1005. The £60 price jump is quite a lot, but I'm happy to pay if the user experience will be that much smoother when I'm driving for all those hours!

From what I've read the 1005 has the better mount, nicer screen etc.. but I've talk about limited memory or something similar. If I buy a 1005 UK & ROI, but then want to put US maps on it for a holiday, or Western Europe maps, will I have enough space?

Thanks! :)
Be careful.... not all Go1005's have the card slot. And I thought it was the newer ones that DIDN'T have it?
Typical TomTom to change the specs and not change the model number.

Personally I think the mounting and powering system on the 825 will drive you mad.
As the mount is permanently fixed to the back of the Go, you have to reach round the back of the unit to try to press the mount to the windscreen and twist the locking ring. And then you have to juggle to fit the power cable in it's socket.

AND you have to do that every single time you leave the car, if you don't want it nicked.

With the separate mount of the 1005, you just pop the unit off in a second, leaving the mount and power cable in place.

Also, you mentioned the screen being 'better' on the 1005.

It's certainly much brighter, and it's also capacitive rather than resistive technology. A plus point of that is that it is 'multi-touch' sensitive, so you can use gestures to change pages and pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out.
A minus point is you need to use the pad of your finger, rather than a fingernail or other pointy thing to use it.
It's also more reflective, which can sometimes mean you can see yourself in it.

On the whole I reckon it *is* better though.
Don't you attach the power cord on the 825 **before** trying to attach to the windscreen? I'd find it to be a futile task if I attached the device to the screen first (the 1535 has the same bloody mount).
Yeah sorry, I put an extra "then" in because (as usual) I wrote my reply backwards and then shifted the bits around.
Should have just been "And you have to juggle to fit the power cable in it's socket."
Thanks for the replies! Very useful. Couple of follow ups:

Just to check, with the 1005 World maps, is there any compromise compared to having a smaller map pack (say Western Europe only)? I know it may sound stupid, but I kind of worry that having a map of the world, it'll be less accurate for than if I had a smaller map of just one region (say the UK). Can somebody reassure me that the UK map for example is the same no matter what map pack you buy?

Prices seem kinda stupid anyway:
1005 World Maps - £259.98
1005 Europe Maps - £260
1005 Europe + Twitter and TA - £250

I'd be tempted to go for world maps unless there is any reason not to??
Some list the 1005 Europe + Twitter/TA as Version 2. Is this worth going for?
There is no greater detail in a smaller map than in getting it as part of a larger geographical area.
Address searches can take longer with a full Europe map rather than a UK only map, but not unduly so....

The "World" models don't have a "world" map, they just have a Europe map and a US map (and maybe a couple of others, it depends) individually selectable in the menus.

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