Traffic Receiver finally Tested


Nov 12, 2007
Montreal, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
540M XXL
As I had mentioned in a previous post, after buying the traffic receiver I realized it is worth ZERO in Montreal Canada. They should not even list it on the coverage list.

Drove 16 hours south last week for a family vacation and finally saw the GREEN circle after quite a few hours of driving. I find it totally transforms the unit.

The warnings are pretty accurate and the unit just seems "smarter". On the negative side, I noticed if you miss an exit or turn down the wrong street the time it takes the unit to recalculated is much longer.

The one time it surprised me while on route was when I had no traffic lock (no green cirlce) and out of the blue the unit annouced "there is a route 5 minutes faster, would you like to take it?" The unit has never changed a preplanned route while driving before. I don't get why it found a quicker route even with no traffic reception.

Overall works well although it would be nice to have even more coverage.


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