Finally! A Solution for the Unsticking Problem!

Jun 15, 2018
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TomTom VIA 1410M SE
I recently replaced an older model of TomTom which I still use, but the unit will no longer update. I got a TomTom Via which I like, but the new unit would NOT stick to the plastic base. I prefer my TomTom on my dashboard instead of the windscreen and no matter what I tried, the unit would not stick for long. It would stick for a moment or two and then pop off. I read a number of forums, threads, etc. about many other users having the same difficulty. After trying a number of solutions I found there (which did not work for me), I stumbled onto something which actually works. I cut a piece of wide elastic to fit the disc mount base. Then, using E-6000 glue (most reliable, multi-purpose glue I've found), I glued the elastic to the base sides. After 24 hours, I slipped my TomTom Via into the elastic and it held. I subsequently used my Via for a cross-country trip and it stayed on the base without a hitch. When I got home, I was able to slip it right out of the elastic. A gps unit is no good if it does not remain fixed to the base. I agree with many others that TomTom needs to redesign the way the units affix to our cars. The old TomToms stayed put! In the meantime, the elastic fix worked for me. I hope it works for others too.
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Welcome to TomTomForums.

Thanks for your feed back it may be helping lots of others too.

For the icing on the cake, would it be bossibe to post a picture of your set up.
The first image is just of the base with the elastic band glued. The second image is of my TomTom fitted snugly in the elastic. I drive an artcar so I have a number of things glued to my dash and car.


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