Export Favourites or POI

Sep 30, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Hi there,
I have recently bought tomtom Europe app. I also have tomtom Western Europe (WE) since years.
There is no sense to keep both on my iPhome, as the maps of former include all of the latter.

My problem is, therefore, POI and Favourites that I have on the WE app and need to transfer to the new app.
Can tomtom export these (subsequent question: import)?
I seem to fail to locate this functionality.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I don't know the iPhone either, but in order to transfer/import export folders with OV2/BMP pair files, I would think that the folders must be seen in Windows Explorer / Mac Finder.


The iPhone app uses a similar file structure to the HOME-connected PNDs. However, the files that store favorites/POI are all in user-inaccessible locations. Look into the "diskaid/phoneaid" software packages, they might require jailbreak, but they can see the required locations.

Your favorites are in a file called "mapsettings.cfg" and poi are stored in files ending in .ov2. There should be separate folders on your phone per map, and you just have to copy the files from one folder to another.

I don't know all the detailed steps as I don't have an iPhone.

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