Disappointed With VIA 52 Bluetooth useless and limited

Jan 3, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
VIA 52
VIA 52 got Bluetooth 4.0. But still can't use with car FM transmitter. Or any compatible Bluetooth Products!.

Before I bought VIA 52, I was using Waze in my mobile, Waze voice always redirects to my car speakers using my roidmi driver FM car charger. So I can hear my music and voice instruction at same time. Music will go low sound when Waze voice delivers, so unlimited fun in driving.

Now I can't hear VIA 52 voice instructions when I play Music in car. Very frustrated. Can't stop music, can't stop VIA 52 voice instructions. Different sounds from different speakers at same time very irritating.
Should I return VIA 52 back to shop? And continue use Waze App.

Why can't VIA 52 software update with Voice via Bluetooth compatible set like roidmi driver FM car charger and head set.
Bluetooth is same for all Tom Tom devices.
I think the larger question is why TomTom has abandoned all of its previous abilities to produce audio on a wired or wireless port of ANY kind. We have not seen this for 2 generations of TomTom units. The only exceptions are their 'motorcycle' units that use BT to send audio to the rider's headset using BT with A2DP.

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