Disappointed with XL2 IQ routes (Europe)


Jan 6, 2011
This was a Christmas present; I'd used and played with friend's satnavs, and asked for a mid-range model.

Surprisingly, I can't define a departure or destination by giving the coordinates. I thought that that was what satnavs were for.

Another surprising non-feature is the possibility of defining an itinerary with several calling points - like any scenic route described in any tourist guide.

One of your sticky posts reminds us to backup the memory contents before doing anything, but since the machine is so dumb, and the software didn't remind me, I didn't expect to have access to the internal memory.

Another of your sticky posts provides links to ways of restoring an earlier, apparantly more rational, menu system. The problem for a new user is to know what was provided by the menus that have now been decreed obsolete, and whether this geek stuff will work in the long term.

I've come across plenty of supposedly high-tech devices in my time. This is the one I would be the most unlikely to recommend to my worst enemy, because the makers appear to make a particular effort to show their distain for their customers.
I'd return the unit. That model comes with 'EasyMenu' which means many fewer user options.... as you've found out.

Consider a model WITHOUT a '2' in its title name. Also, for the moment, stay away from the 1000, 1005 and the VIA models.
I'd return the unit. That model comes with 'EasyMenu' which means many fewer user options.... as you've found out.

Unfortunately I couldn't return the unit, without upsetting the person who gave it.

This incident is particularly inexcusable insofar as the manufacturer could easily allow interested customers to download (existing) software needed to make the device work, without having to go through possibly unreliable sources.
I understand what you are saying and totally agree with you on this issue......
I agree, it's shows a lack of respect for their customers. I got an XL2 for xmas. I do like it I'm just disappointed they think people should get less features in these newer models rather than more!

People who got these units and are disappointed because of the Easymenu's lack of flexibility are not going to recommend TomToms so they are shooting themselves in the foot.

The box my unit came in did not mention the reduced features! It should have.
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Since my earlier postings here, I posted an unfavourable review on a French web retailer's site. My message seems to have disappeared, though it's hard to be sure about that.

Someone did read it though, because every time I browse websites that have advertising I'm bombarded with adverts for G*rm*n. Is there a dreadful conspiracy out there ?-))

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