New Disappointed TT1-3rd Owner

Nov 26, 2007
Hey guys, I stood in line at Staples to grab the Tom Tom One 3rd edition on black friday for $125. I was excited up until the point where I used it on my trip to work and well, it tried to take me the wrong way. I work at Friendly's in Wakefield Rhode Island and the address is 600 Kingston Rd...I also tried it on my home address from Wakefield and it took me to the opposite side of my road, which is pretty long. So far, I think this unit is garbage. Whats the point of owning this if it can't even get me to work and get me home? What do I do? I'm horribly disappointed.
I must say mapping for your area is horrible.
I couldn't find that address both with my TomTom (TeleAtlas) & Google Maps (NavTeq). I found Kingston Ave at 41.468594, -71.45172 , but not Kingston Rd.

Before thrashing it, try to borrow different brands from friends to see whether you have better luck. I don't think anybody refuse an offer of a temporary exchange program (people are curious).

You still can still use a GPS with bad map though, using coordinates plucked from Google Maps, Google Earth ... but if the errors are too many, I don't know whether it's worth it.
Hey guys, I stood in line at Staples to grab the Tom Tom One 3rd edition on black friday for $125.

If you count the included $20 Staples gift certificate, you only paid $105.00. IMHO, you get what you pay for but in this case I think it was an incredible bargain. I got one myself and the rural roads by me are mapped perfectly... however I don't give TomTom much credit for this.

So far, I think this unit is garbage.

GPS units can only be as good as their loaded maps.

Since we only have two major map suppliers, I don't understand how you can blame or trash TomTom for this.
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