Delete tomtom from my documents

Sep 14, 2012
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Not quite a technical support type issue, so posting in this section.

Was just wondering if it's safe to delete the TomTom/Home/download/complete/map from the TomTom folder in MyDocuments?

Once TomTom is all updated, that SHOULD be safe to do, shouldn't it be? I have 8 computers and sure would hate to end up with that huge file on all 8 machines, over the course of time.

Thank you
If some sort of problem happensyou might need to restore your map. You can copy it to a usb flash drive or dvd or you can make an Explorer backup of your unit's contents but you do want the map somewhere besides the unit.
Rather than specifically saving a backup of the map from that location, I reckon it's easier to just remember to make a full backup of the TomTom itself now and again.
It should have the same result, but it means everything to get the device going again is all in the same place.
Thank you for those replies.

I did plan on keeping a copy on an external device. That is the one file I need to backup for safety's concern, right?
Not sure what you mean when you say "that's the one FILE I need to backup..."

You need to keep a backup of the ENTIRE TomTom storage memory.
that will consist of several folders full of files and several loose files.
I'm meaning that is THE most important file to back if I only back up the one, otherwise back up the WHOLE TomTom/Home/download/complete/map from the TomTom folder in MyDocuments, which I will probably do.

If I remember, as I haven't really had this device that long or plugged it into a computer to many times, there is a back up device type option within TomTom, right? How long should that take?

Thanks again for the replies.
I have seen that page and thought about how ridiculous that is to have backup software included in the TomTom that doesn't work!! Sheesh! Knew I should've stuck with a Garmin unit!!

Thanks for the replies. It's all clear to me now. :)
FWIW, Home does work most of the time, but there's nothing like doing a real file/folder backup of a device. The absolutely most important thing that will be backed up using that process is your North_America (or U.S.) map folder. So long as that is preserved, you can format the whole unit and start over successfully (though that's very rarely necessary).

My Garmin units (see below) provide no backup facility whatsoever, so I ALWAYS do a manual backup with the PC from time to time.
One last question, which may sound kind of dumb, but I've always heard there is no such thing as a dumb question.

If I back up that folder, does the My Home program read the current version of the map installed from the TomTom device or from the My Documents folder. In other words, if I plugged in my TomTom device into a different computer, or same computer I last updated TomTom but have since removed that folder, would it download the same map again because it doesn't see that folder in My Documnets?

Thank you
It would only re-download the map for you in certain conditions....

From the TomTom website:

You can still download your map if one of the following conditions apply:

  • You have purchased a downloadable map or a Map Update Service within the last 12 months
  • or
  • You are within your Latest map guarantee period (typically 30 days from the first use of your device)
If one of the above is true then you will be able to download your map again. [ show me how... ]
If you do not have a map to download, you can restore your map from a backup.

That's why having good backups are so important!

If you ever use Home to make a backup it will store it in a subfolder of MyDocuments/TomTom/HOME/Backup (unless you change the default location in Home's settings menu)

Any backups you make yourself using Explorer can be saved anywhere you like.
Thanks for the replies folks.

Finally got around to backing up TomTom and deleting file.

Tested the backup and all is good! :)

Thanks again

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