tomtom one - memcard deleted accidently!

Nov 8, 2009
Hello all, wonder if you could help with a sticky situation..

Cant get my tomtom one to work.

Had lent it to my dad, he has somehow managed to delete some key files from the memory card and it stopped loading. I hocked it up to my pc tomtom software which updated the software and kind of restored the software. However now when I switch on the tomtom, it does not find any maps which were there before!!!! so essentially i have a tomtom but without any map :eek:

Can you guys help in getting my tomtom one to work please?

my tomtom model is: 4N00.004.2 and has an sd memory card

Thank you

When you look at the contents of the unit using Explorer, do you see a map folder? If not, was the map that had been there the one that came with the unit or was it an update from an earlier map? If an update, it's probably still on the computer in this location:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps

If not an updated map, do you have a backup of the unit's contents?

If you do not have the map on the computer, or in a backup or on the unit, I'm afraid you are out of luck.
I have had a look at the location suggested above and do not have any map files in that location.

So what oculd be my way out of this? Can I transfer files from a newer tomtom one onto my older tomtom one? Would that work? I surely dont want to pay again for map files which I have already paid for?
Thanks again
I understand your reluctance to pay again but unfortunately without a backed up map somewhere there doesn't appear to be another option.

You can't share maps between 2 devices.
File recovery

"Delete" does not remove data from your disc it only removes the file name and hence address. There are a number of "Card Recovery" appliocations out there, some of them free. Just type "Card recovery+free" into Google and see whats available. As long as your map has not be over written by data added to the card, it may still be recovarable.
Also, explain your story to Tomtom phone support. Sometimes a compassionate rep will give you an old map for free to get your unit working again.

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