Custom icons not available for 920?

Dec 4, 2007
Goldsboro, NC
TomTom Model(s)
GO LIVE 2535 M
So I just updated all my maps and was checking out the new tomtom home and came across the "Home" and "Favorites" icon downloads but it says my device doesnt support it, is there anyway around this?
Try a pin reset and see if that helps.

I tried a pin reset and it still doesnt work. Just to clarify I am on the add images and icons tab on tomtom home. The bottom three options , Home symbols, Buddy symbols, and Favorites symbols. Whenever I try and click on one it says that my device doesnt support this
Those features are grayed out on my Home 920. When I click on them it says not available on my unit.
Hope this helps
Certain functions available on the unit itself are not available when using TT Home's emulator (Operate My Go)
I have a 720 and I also have the icons greyed out for me in Home. I guess the only other people who could test this are people with a 730 or 930 model.

And dhn, we're talking about changing the Home, Buddy, and Favorites icons on our devices through home. Here's what we're talking about


In fact, I also see start-up and shut-down sounds which I wish I could change. I wonder if they are greyed out because they will soon be functional with a future update of either Home or Navcore?

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Was there ever an answer to this issue? I've got a 730 with the same issue and was wanting to modify some of these items if possible.

If it's not possible, anyone know if it's something that is planned in a future update?

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