Convert Email Address Book to POI?

Nov 27, 2010
I'm sure this has been asked but a search has not turned up the results I am looking for.

I am a General Manager of an industrial supply company. I would like to be able to import my customer list (400+ addresses) to my TomTom for sales and deliveries. Is there an 'easy' way to do this - perhaps using an Excel spreadsheet? If so, what are the required columns?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

Thom LaLonde
The TomTom will only work using lat/ long whilst its possible to create a POI file using Excel and then convert it to the ov2 POI file format that the device will understand its not possible from a basic address list - Mike
No, you're not. That geocoder that was pointed out above will take a text version of your addresses and spit back out (as close as it can guess) the latitude/longitude for your list.

With a bit of effort, you can take your existing address list to CSV or similar to Excel, dump the addresses into the geocoder, and take the coordinate data and dump it back into your spreadsheet in a couple of new columns. POIEdit (PoiEdit - Main) will take a CSV of your spreadsheet and export/create a TomTom POI file (*.ov2) for you. Probably 15 minutes work if you didn't have the learning curve to add to it. More like two hours with the learning curve for the two applications thrown in, but a whole lot easier than typing it all.
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Don't know if this lik will help, but..........

GPS Visualizer's Easy Batch Geocoder: Convert street addresses to coordinates

This is one of the sites I have used when creating my Home Depot and Lowe's POI lists. I download all the store-specific pages from their web sites, parse out the addresses using combinations of grep and sed, and then feed the list into the batch geocoder.

There are always some addresses that fail to be converted, but it's usually due to an odd character or misplaced punctuation in the list.

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