Convert Map Zone to full Map

Jul 16, 2010
Hi all

I have a Go 730 with the quarterly map update subscription to the Western & Central Europe map. I recently updated the map to v850 and, of course, found that it couldn't fit the whole map on the device so I chose the Western zone.

I've now bought a 4GB SD card and transferred the map to the card as per TomTom's "Map Zones - How can I install the full map on my new memory card?" help topic. The map has transferred fine, however when I do the Update my Device step, which TomTom suggest will allow the full map to be installed, it does not offer an update. If I go into Manage my Device in Home, then it will let me change zones but not load the whole thing.

Any ideas how I can get the full map onto my card ?

Any help much appreciated.:)

Put the old map on the memory card with nothing else then use Home to update to the V850 map and it should offer the full seamless map, at the same time give TomTom UK Support a ring on Monday (0845 161 0009) to let them know how pleased you are with current state of affairs :eek: - Mike
Put the old map on the memory card with nothing else then use Home to update to the V850 map and it should offer the full seamless map, at the same time give TomTom UK Support a ring on Monday (0845 161 0009) to let them know how pleased you are with current state of affairs :eek: - Mike

That's brilliant - thanks Mike. :) Didn't think of that, and it's a good job that I haven't backed up since the upgrade - I've previously used Home so would have overwritten the new maps but now seen the warnings about that too !
Right, tried that and not sure it's working. Here's what I did...

I put my 4GB SD card containing the 'zoned' 850 map into the TomTom. I then copied everything from the card onto another 2GB card I've got.

Then I turned the TomTom off and swapped cards, so on restart I was still using the zoned 850 map. Just to make sure I had a recovery position.

Next I copied the old Western and Central Europe map from my backup onto the 4GB card and also copied the right file into the Maps folder. Then deleted the Europe West folder from the card.

Swapped cards again, and confirm that the TomTom has now started up and shows that the map is Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB v845.2645

Connected the TomTom to my computer and selected the card in Home. It loads up the available updates, but is still showing this as an update to Western and Central Europe 2GB. It offers two links - Change Map Zone or More Info. If I click More Info then it tells me that the update is 2264MB and is to 850.2800.

I haven't followed this through yet, but it doesn't look like it's going to give me the full map.

Any ideas ? One thought I had is does it need enough space to load the new map (2264) in addition to the old one on the card (currently 1852 MB on the card), in which case, I still don't have space !

Help !!!:(
Open the folder on the memory card that contains the old map using Windows Explorer and delete the files there are plenty of them and they are only used for the speech recognition, the device and map will work quite happily without them, once these are removed there will be more than enough space to load the single Western_European map to the card rather than a dumbed down regional map - Mike
Some advice appreciated to convert zone to full map

I've a Go730 (version 8.351 is displayed when clicking on satellite bars)

I've taken up the offer of upgrading my map WESTERN and CENTRAl EUROPE 2GB (6 months for the price of 4), and tonight proceeded to upgrade the WESTERN and CENTRAl EUROPE 2GB map and the notification appeared onscreen about insufficient space to download the full map to choose the appropriate zone.

I had a 4GB SD card in the Go730 and followed instructions onscreen as I assumed I could opt to install the other parts of the map when required but my assumption seemed wrong :(

I'm going to be driving in the Czech Republic in a month or so, so I'm a bit bemused to find I no longer have that map on my device as I appear stuck with EUROPE_WESTERN ZONE:confused:?

The only map on my device right now is installed on the 4Gb memory card and is version 850.2781 .

How do i get the full map installed which I paid for?

Any guidance is appreciated


Next round of confusion !

Looked in the map directory for files you suggested, but there were only 5 at 35MB total. So, I found an 8MB card from a camera and copied the old map files to that. Then tried the update again.

Once again, it offered me an upgrade to Western_and_Central Europe_2GB. I got it run through this and checked what I ended up with. I now have a Western_and_Central Europe_2GB map but it has updated to v850.2800.

Checking back on my TomTom to see what the original upgrade delivered, I see it is Europe_West at v850.2781 It also seems to cover all of Western / Central Europe - it's got Russia in the list of countries for example.

So, I now seem to have two choices of v850 map - one Western_and_Central Europe_2GB and one Europe_West.

Any further thoughts, or do you think TomTom have responded to criticism and done an 850 version of the full area ?
Oh this is great - now receiving the personal support of TomTom.

Submitted a Question, outlining what I'd done - including following instructions in FAQ for map zones and including full System Info as an attachment.

First reply - please follow steps in this link. Answer - I already did that, as outlined in Question.
Second reply - please follow these steps to add System Info. Answer - I already did that, see attached file !

I can see this is going to be a slow process.....:confused:
So, how did it go for you? I have the same problem, and have made sure there is enough space available on the card for the update. It says the map is 2264.2MB and I have more than that amount available. Still it wants me to choose a zone for my update.

Darn, I want the full map and not some **** zones.
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Unfortunately it did not help me. I was not able to select the "Change Device" in step 6 - menu Item was not active :(
You don't say what model you have, but do understand that this feature only works if you have a model that allows for an SD card, and you have a properly formatted SD card installed. The "Change Device" is intended for Home to move from internal to external (SD) memory and back.

Your model may or may not support the SD card option, or may only run from the SD card if one is installed. Let us know what you've got there.
Thanks Canderson
In short: It is now working :)

I'm not completely sure when and how I got it working, but I guess it was one of the many copying the map back and forth between the device and the PC that did the trick.
Strangely I'm still not able to switch between the device and the SD-card in the Device menu.
Perhaps it has something to do with the memory in the device being smaller then that of the SD-card.

Anyway it's running now on the full map and I have no desire to switch back :)

Thanks for your reply

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