Buyer beware !

Jul 2, 2008

If you purchase TomTom products from a TomTom unauthorized retailer, or you have received it as a gift, or you have purchased it from EBay, YOU ARE BURNT !
TomTom does not honor unit's USA WARRANTY and does not offer tech support. All other commitments and promises are not fulfilled such as "guaranty map upgrade"
Sorry about your loss, that really sucks. :(

I can only vouch for one dealer on Ebay because they are an authorized dealer of refurbed TomToms AND TomTom honored their map guarantee.

The store is Global Phoenix Direct, and the seller's name is ebestdeal4u.

I had a choice between a new XLS or a refurbed GO 720 and I actually paid $5 less for the 720 and I have no regrets. I only post this because I recommended a refurb in another thread but I didn't give out a specific name. I would hate to steer someone the wrong way.
While I sympathize with you, it's really your responsibility to ensure you're buying from an authorized reseller. It's not just TomTom. Lots of mfg's have the same restrictions. It's an easy call to the mfg to find out if the seller is on their list. Most sellers have it on their website as well but, I suggest calling the mfg anyway.

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