Extreme Buyer's Remorse

Dec 4, 2006
Hi all

I just bought my TomTom about three weeks ago after using my girlfriend's Nuvi 350 for a week. I decided I wanted to have a GPS unit, and the TomTom seemed to be the best.

After using the 910 for a few days, it froze up on me. It was after the support hours listed on the web site, so I scoured the web looking for the solution. I found the instructions on resetting the device, and then tried to find a paper clip to activate the reset. Things were fine for about two weeks, when again, while on the docking station, it failed but this time on the welcome screen. I actually still had the same paper clip right next to me. I reset the device, but it wouldn't come back on. I tried again, and it wouldn't do anything. After about 10 minutes of this, it did the TomTom drum thing, showed the red hands, went to the cradle docking screen and showed the same thing for a long time (hours). I looked closer and saw in the upper left corner, some tiny text with "formatting failed" or something similar.

It was after the support line closed but I called anyway since it had just closed only a few minutes prior. I had to go on a trip the next morning (Saturday) and wanted to be able to use it. No joy as they didn't open until 9. I had to leave at 7:10 and wouldn't be able to get back to a phone until almost the same time that evening. Sunday, they were closed. Monday morning first thing, I called and got someone right away.

The person I talked to said they'd have to replace the unit. I figured that couldn't take too long. He put me on hold and I waited a few minutes to hear from the person from the returns department. She took down my information and told me they would have the unit for 7-10 days.

7-10 days!!!!!

You've got to be kidding me. Adding in the shipping time, the unit will be gone longer than I've had it. That's absolutely crazy.

Also, they won't pay for the shipping. According to the warranty, within the first 180 days, I shouldn't be charged anything for shipping. If I have to pay to ship it to them, that is against the terms of the warranty.

I'm considering going back to Circuit City this morning and seeing if they'll take the unit back. If not, then I'm glad I bought it with my American Express card. They may be able to do something. My biggest consideration is whether I keep the replacement or get the Garmin Nuvi. After the phone call I just had, the switch to the Nuvi is looking really good.

Greetings Michael,
I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with the TT unit you purchased. Since it is as new as it seems to be perhaps an exchange would be possible at Circuit City. I had the same problem and my dealer gave me a new one after a month and a half no questions asked. I am not sure why some units just fizzle and some work flawlessly but the technology is complicated I suppose. After I got a working unit I am most pleased. TT had some problems with mounts and other issues but they have worked those out.
Hello! I agree with drledger. It sounds like a faulty unit. The unit being 3 weeks old, I would exchange it.
Yup definitely go and exchange it at Circuit City, I had heard people done it in the past without any questions. And yes I have to agree with drledger and Pedro that while most units performs flawlessly, there is always a few out there that goes haywire. I guess you can kinda say you got a lemon TT:rolleyes: Hope you get your issues resolved.

Turns out it's actually 30 days now, and Circuit City will take it back for 14 days if you didn't buy their special warranty.

The good news, I'm on the phone with American Express (Platinum card holder services) and they have a program called Return Protection. I think I'll be able to get the item replaced through them.

I really like the TomTom for the features and the fact it works with my Mac. I've wanted one for a while, and although there are some things my girlfriend's smaller Garmin does better, as a whole, I like the TomTom better.

This may become an ad for AmEx. =-)

Well, it looks like the folks at TomTom came through after all. I called back and got a different agent who passed me through to someone who could do an advance unit for me. (name removed), the customer support person, passed me through to "the office" where they took my credit card number, address, and the tracking number of the FedEx package I shipped to them, and shipped me a brand new unit to replace the defective one. Of course, if I don't get the bad unit back to them, they charge my card. Considering they have the tracking number, that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks gang for keeping my spirits and hopes up, and thanks to Helen for making this happen in a timely fashion.

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Well, this time it lasted longer, but...

I have to say this is the worst piece of junk I've ever bought. After my initial displeasure with the unit lasting only three weeks, and TomTom took care of it getting it to me in a few days, the new unit died four weeks later.

It's running again, but only after a weekend of trying to reset and reboot it. I charged it in the car with no luck, but it was actually already charged. I tried for 45 minutes to get it to start. I reset it, held the power button down for a moment, 5 seconds, and 10 seconds. Nothing worked. I called TomTom, but it couldn't get connected to "customer service" since "all circuits are busy now". I tried again the next day, then Sunday but they were closed, and finally again on Monday, after over 45 minutes on hold, I got through and the unit finally booted again.

So after a terrible traffic tie-up on the ride home (which my 910 would have gotten me around), then an entire weekend of going to unfamiliar places (luckily I can get Google Maps on my phone), I finally got the TomTom working again.

This time, "customer service" wouldn't do the advance return for me. Apparently if your unit has worked for four weeks, that's too long since they did it when it broke after three weeks.

The TomTom is a terrible piece of hardware. I've gotten TWO now which have failed to work for more than a month. This closely mirrors a co-worker who had three in three months. I'm not thrilled about the prospect of getting a third which will break in another month.

I have a currently working 910 I'll sell someone if they're interested. I'm going to get a Garmin N?vi 660 to replace it as those seem to work.

Sign me, Disgusted
I'm sorry to hear of your problems, too. I especially hate hearing you'll be giving up on TomTom, because with the new map upgrades it is one of the best on the market. On the other hand, you will love a Nuvi 660, it is a very nice device! Good luck to you.
Well I hope TomTom is listening to all of this as they claim they would from time to time. It is certainly discouraging to see someone having such a bad experience with the TomTom after 2 different units. I hope somehow something good will come out of this. Good luck with you Garmin -=)

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