Batterie drain of Go 5100 in Bury XXL active cradle

Jan 9, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
5100 4FL50
Hi everybody!

I´m using a Go 5100 with TomTom extra cradle 5UUB2 screwed on a plate that fit´s in a Bury XXL active cradle.
The Bury provides charging and is fit in my Volkswagen Touran system9 cradle system
Benefit: mounted close to driver, no extra holes in car, no covering of view or instrument panel, no cables !

If I turn off motor I have to remove the 5100 fast from the 5UUB2 otherwise the battery of the 5100 is drained in <5 min !
So batterie of 5100 is always in very bad condition.

Is there no reflow diode on the micro-usb in the tomtom?
I would add one, but I´m sure voltage level changes...
current is rather high !

I´m using this big bury cradle because a smartphone will fit also !

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Is the device still under warranty? If so, battery should be possibly replaced.

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I´m sad, i didn´t choose the 6100... And the GSM problem stripes on my 5100...
Bought it in june 2015

But changing the batterie won´t help, it will be drained also !?
I have to fit in a diode in the bury so the 5100 isn´t drained !
But I expect problems with 5V level, that will go down with 1-2A of the 5100 !

I should ask this to bury also ! :)
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Problem is definitely the dock. There should be no reason to need a back diode on the device being powered.
I agree that adding a diode could be a problem, but mostly only if you are using a general purpose rectifier diode that drops 0.7V. A 1N5820 Schottky diode has less than 0.3V forward voltage drop at 1A, and can handle as much as 3A forward current. I don't recommend the smaller 1A version for this application.


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