Avoiding bad New York neibourhoods

Jul 1, 2008

Is there a way to mark some streets as dangerous? I mean dangerous as in a woman would not like to have a flat tire at night.

I would like to mark all streets that have had gun shootings, rapes, large number of sex offenders, prostitutes, drug dealers as non-preferred routes.

This would very helpful for a young driver that does not know the city very well. Also, the ones that have recently moved into the city would find this useful and keep themselves out of trouble.

Now, I don't want to go there myself, but if all TomTom users could somehow upload and share this information maybe here in this website it would be great.



While your intentions are good......it would be difficult, if not impossible to deal with.......and somewhat subjective to boot.

You could, of course, block streets using mapshare for your own use but I'm not sure you'd want to share your blockings with others.

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